X Ways Online High Schools Are Changing Education

02  X Ways Online High Schools Are Changing Education
Posted on: 18 Feb 2020

To many, the idea of high school is that of heritage, legacy, and a tradition of knuckling down and getting in all the information you possibly need one day.

To many, the idea of high school is that of heritage, legacy, and a tradition of knuckling down and getting in all the information you possibly can ‘just in case’ might need one day. Fundamentally; the principles of rote learning wrapped in a school uniform. And there was nothing wrong with that. 

‘Was’, however, being the operative word there… because the world as we knew it has drastically changed from when we constructed the walls of education and we have to ask ourselves how an antiquated system can prepare our children for the ever-evolving world we currently live in.

How Well Can Homeschooling Assist Students?

Education is the key to our future as a species, and online learning, indeed online high schools, are the best if not the only way to future-proof our children for what lies ahead. 

An online high school provides so much more than what online learning or distance learning has offered in the past. It is a platform in every sense of the word where students come together to learn, where they are encouraged and required to meet in person to discuss social matters and where the responses to their questions can be answered in real-time through iterative teaching practices from educators who are the best in their field of expertise – because an online high school is not bound by walls or borders but only by our willingness to evolve with the times. 

We work online, we communicate online, we build online, we even find love online, why wouldn’t we educate there too? The answer is… we do.

And now there’s a way to make sure the information being learned is of the highest standard and regulated to ensure that the teaching will benefit the student and their world.

Online High Schools: a constantly connected, global student body with the ability to pivot material, principles, and qualifications as required and dictated by a flux international climate. 

·     Globally accredited qualifications

·     International student body

·     Private mentoring

·     Always-on communication

·     Immeasurable cultural exposure

·     Flexible 

·     Disciplined

·     High touch

·     Collaborative

·     Diverse

·     Adaptable 

And the list goes on…

While that can only be described as a list, it should be noted that X ≠ 10, but rather X = immeasurable.

How Can Parents Contribute to The Current Homeschooling Trend?

Homeschooling enables parents to play an active part in their child’s learning process. From being a supervisor to the facilitator, they can assume many roles to make homeschooling more effective. Besides, homeschooled kids are likely to develop sound soft skills more effortlessly, owing to the active participation of parents, as compared to those who opt for on-campus study. Parents get to spend extra time with their kids and can inculcate the habits and values that they want their kids to adopt. Above all, homeschooling is the best opportunity for parents to strengthen their bond with their kids and spend the most productive hours of the day with them. 

How Can Homeschooling Be Made More Efficient?

Using various tips and techniques, homeschooling can be made more effective with the effort of parents or the instructors, collectively:

It’s easy to know the pace at which the kid learns and grasps the concepts that are being taught. Things must not be rushed, and timetables should be made by keeping in view the ability of the child to learn things. 

Customization is one of the major benefits that homeschooling brings to the table. You can customize the syllabus as per the interest of the kid to make it more intriguing and less monotonous. 

Homeschooling does not mean to confine a kid in a room and bombarded them with tons of knowledge. Make it a fun experience by helping them participate in various clubs or going for field trips. 

Keep in mind that a kid cannot ace at all subjects. There will be the subject areas where kids will need more time to get hold of the ideas and to get a sound understanding of the concept. Make sure to identify the subjects at which the kid needs to put more effort so that time slots can be divided likewise for the subjects. 

These four tips are the cruxes of what you need to know to make homeschooling more effective.

 What Are the Essential Measures Every High School Must Take for Online Education?

The rise in the trend of homeschooling has stimulated the growth of online high schools/educational institutes. Even the schools that had physical presence are opting to introduce their online degree programs to make their institute go global or to facilitate their current students in the present pandemic situation. However, to ensure an effective online education, the schools need to work on creating their online platforms where students can take synchronized sessions, submit their assignments, etc. Moreover, administrations must ensure that all students and teachers have access to a good internet connection and those who do not have can get access to recorded lectures conveniently. 

What Are the Common Challenges Faced Through Online Education?

We cannot claim that online education is a win-win against the current pandemic crisis because there are some loopholes that cannot be overlooked. Since the successful progression of the online education system solely depends upon the internet connection and gadgets that facilitate this process and any fault in them can lead to the collapse of it altogether. 

The quality of the internet connection has been the most common challenge so far. As everyone is using the internet these days either to work from home or to study, its speed is being drastically affected and students often complain that they cannot hear the instructor properly which is distracting and makes the synchronized sessions less effective.

Moreover, the rise in cyber threats is also endangering the online education system. Being connected to a number of people at a time in online sessions can make devices vulnerable to hacking and makes it easy for hackers to access confidential data. 

Online education systems still need improvements to become a reliable medium of learning. 

Why Parents Play A Significant Role in Making Online Education a Success?

Do not forget that your kid is using the same gadgets to attend the online sessions that they use for playing games and using social media platforms. There is a great chance that they might not be paying attention to the instructor and instead of doing something else on their laptops, phones or tablets, etc. To ensure that your child is really paying attention to the instructor and to make online education a success, your supervision is vital! 

Where Does Online Education Stand in Future in Reference to the Current Situation?

The on-campus education, as we knew it, has come to a pause due to the coronavirus outbreak. The uncertainty of the situation signals to the fact that schools and universities are not going to resume anytime soon. Online education is going to be the new normal in the near future. Earlier, it wasn’t considered to be that effective or convenient but now when every other person has experienced it and is getting accustomed to it, there is a great chance that many students will want to opt for it even if the pandemic ends. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has made online education a convenient alternative for the traditional one and online high schools are changing to make the virtual learning experience as better as it can get. 

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