We need to COVID-proof education

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Posted on: 28 Apr 2020

Our founder and CEO, Robert Paddock speaks to Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show. Listen now.

Listen as Rob Paddock, CEO and founder of the Valenture Institute chats to Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show (above).

Most South African students are currently experiencing remote online learning and not fully-fledged online learning.

In the face of a global pandemic like COVID-19, our society needs to rethink the way we approach education. To us, thinking outside the classroom means finding innovative ways to integrate each student’s online learning with the causes and challenges they care about, like sustainable development.  

"This (COVID-19) has got to make us fundamentally question where we are investing in the future of education. Not just in terms of the technology, but I would say more systemically," says Rob.

What Do We Mean By “We Need To COVID-Proof Education”?

By COVID-proof education, we mean that we need to assess the sort of functions we need available at present, so that the next time a pandemic or disruptive phenomenon rolls through, we don't have such a massive disconnect. That we are prepared for all eventualities.

"The digital divide has never been more evident," says Rob.

"I think about the amount of money spent on school infrastructure, and on maintaining that school infrastructure. It's high time that we start taking a hard look at how we might redeploy some of that capital towards more scalable education solutions that can be COVID-proof. And, indeed, can provide access for some of the country, if not the world's, best teachers to students all around South Africa."

Why Has COVID-19 Changed the Education Perspective for The Long Run?

The Covid-19 outbreak has radically altered our lives. Even if it ends, we are going to see people talk about how life was before and after the pandemic or we will literally label our lives as pre and post-pandemic life because the change that it has brought is going to stay for the long run. The same goes for the education perspective. Earlier, it was a common belief that only on-campus education is effective, and the online learning process isn’t reliable. This belief has been dismantled amid the Coronavirus crisis. Online high schools will be stealing the limelight in the educational domain in the near future. 

What Can You Do to Save Your Child's Educational Future Amidst The COVID-19 Crisis?

Covid-19 crisis has taken a toll on every domain of our life and kids, in particular, are being affected the most by it. The closure of educational institutes is what is engendering their future and the skills or knowledge they have acquired over a period of time. To save your kid’s future amidst the Covid-19 crisis, it would be recommended for you to get your child enrolled in an online high school that can better assist them with their studies. 

Having a virtual classroom, proper guidance and peer interaction will compel them to accept it as a new normal. No doubt that online high schools like Valenture Institute can be the best alternative to traditional education and can provide COVID-proof education. 

How to Contribute to Make the Education System Virus-Proof?

COVID-proof education is not a one man’s job. It could only be made successful with the collective efforts of teachers, parents, and students. Everybody needs to play their part to make it a success. Teachers can do their best to design a syllabus suitable for students, parents can ensure that their kid is attending synchronized sessions regularly. Likewise, students must remain honest to themselves and pay attention to what instructors say and participate actively. 

Delve into this conversation in the podcast above.

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