The joys of being a Valenture Institute parent

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Posted on: 02 Dec 2020

“What’s so great about Valenture from a parent’s perspective?” I hear you ask. Let me count the ways…

It was Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning who asked ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways’. At the risk of coming across as cheesy and lame (as my kids will no doubt say), this sonnet popped into my head when sitting down to write this blog post. Not in a soppy way, but in a this-school-rocks-in-so-many-ways kind of way.

“What’s so great about Valenture from a parent’s perspective?” I hear you ask. Let me count the ways…

No lifting required

I put this first because it is such an obvious advantage of having a child at Valenture – and one which really makes a huge difference in the lives of Valenture parents. My younger daughter attends a brick-and-mortar school so I am not completely off the hook, but it is way easier planning one set of lifts than trying to coordinate two or more different school schedules. I work from home so we are each comfortably ensconced in front of our computers across the passage from each other. Lockdown proved that remote meetings can work. (Thank you, Eric Yuan, for Zoom!)  

Parent meetings

Traffic jams, queues outside teachers’ rooms, stuffy halls packed to the rafters, the obligatory small talk while waiting – these are a few of my (least) favourite things. 

Cue Zoom parent evenings: planned with precision, packed with information, and executed with eloquent efficiency by a team who clearly love what they do.  

No school uniform 

Beside the huge cost saving and reduced laundry load, the joy of seeing my tactile-defensive son in his soft cotton shorts and t-shirts fills my maternal heart with joy. 

Oh, and I must mention the much-coveted Valenture Institute hoodie. From the day it arrived with his welcome pack, the soft hoodie has been a wardrobe staple. In fact, such a hit is this hoodie that his younger sister has now appropriated it and so we have ordered a few more. How about some t-shirts, too?

Constant flow of information

Valenture Institute is really good at keeping parents informed about their child’s progress with weekly reports on their attendance at lessons, submission of assignments, and marks achieved. So, if there is a problem in any one of those areas, parents are alerted to it early on and can plan the necessary remedial steps together with their child’s mentor.

Happy child 

I’ve left this one for last because for me it really is the cherry on the top. Many children struggle to feel comfortable in a traditional classroom for a variety of social, emotional, neurological and intellectual reasons. The virtual classroom gives teens freedom from sensory overload, break politics and a sense of not fitting in. And, as I’ve mentioned before, the teachers are completely tuned in to each child, which makes every pupil feel seen and heard.

I’ll end with a poem of my own, albeit less literary than Browning’s:

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Valenture parents hit the jackpot,

and so should you!

Written by Caryn Gootkin

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