Meet our Newlands Boutique Campus Manager

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Posted on: 10 Dec 2020

"I believe the campus environment helps give students a taste of what the future of learning and work will look and feel like."

Meet Kobus du Toit. Kobus is the Campus Manager and Senior Learning Coach at our Newlands Boutique Campus.

He has a background in Learning Design and studied Aerospace Engineering and Policy Analysis at the University of Delft. 

We asked him a few questions in order to get to know him a bit better: 

Why step into blended learning?

“I believe the campus environment helps give students a taste of what the future of learning and work will look and feel like. The campus will give students an opportunity to learn online within a community they feel a sense of belonging with and a place of possibilities to do meaningful projects together with their peers. I am keen to work in this environment because I want to be at the frontier of evolving education.” 

Tell us a bit more about your background in education.

“I studied at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands with a focus in engineering and policy analysis. My engineering studies taught me the importance of solving challenges with a systemic lens. And my studies in policy analysis provided me with the tools to effect societal change.

"In between moving back to South Africa from the Netherlands, I worked at the Impact Hub in Geneva (a co-working space for launching social enterprises) helping scope out their social entrepreneurship programme for young adults. Then when I arrived back in SA in 2016, I started teaching formally for the first time. I taught students ranging from kindergarten to high school in subjects like music, robotics and mathematics.

"I then moved into a learning design role where I designed enquiry-led lessons in science and the signature innovation and leadership programmes for primary and high school students. Most recently, I began working as an EdTech coach where I trained teachers in the latest online teaching methods. A word that best captures me is edumagineer - I seek to imagine and engineer a better educational experience for my students.”

What excites you about education in 2021? 

“What excites me about education in 2021 is the opportunity to build a learning community and inspiring space for students to get the qualifications they need and become changemakers for society. I am excited about working with a team, who is proactively trying to evolve education together.” 

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