10 Ways You Can Help Your Child Learn From Home

09  10 Ways You Can Help Your Child Learn From Home
Posted on: 19 Feb 2020

A child’s absorption of knowledge doesn’t end when the bell rings, it’s the opposite. Parents can attest to their kids picking up on everything they encounter.

After years of practical research done in the teaching, learning and education spheres, a key outtake is that a child’s intake and absorption of knowledge doesn’t end when the bell rings. In fact, it’s quite the opposite,and any parents out there can attest to their kids picking up on just about everything they encounter throughout their daily life.* 

And that’s why the role of the parent is so important in the furthering of a child’s education – it extends way beyond the covering of costs and lifts to the school in the morning. 

In an article by, they outline 10 proven steps you can take at home to help your child do well at school. You can see their full article here, but we have distilled the main points from their insightful piece below.  

1. Teach your child that failure is a stepping-stone to success

2. Make learning an activity your child loves

3. Allow your child to follow their passion

4. Make academic subjects feel relevant to your child

5. Involve games in learning as much as possible

6. Motivate children by consequence rather than punishment

7. Improve your child's depth of processing

8. Equip your child with switching off and relaxation techniques

9. Allow your child (safe) access to the internet

10. Allow them the space to learn empathy

Right here is where it becomes relevant to highlight that the SchoolGuide article was written in 2015, and while some might say “Well, that’s not so long ago…” let’s take point 9 as an example of this ‘ageing’.  

In the age we live in, it is impossible to think that you could keep your child from the internet in all forms, but that is something to celebrate – the internet is the ultimate learning tool and with the advances seen in just the last few years, 2015 may as well be 1984. 

We live in an online world, with information readily available at the click of a button or the tap of a touchscreen, but now more than ever, we have a way of curating all of that information into a program that allows students from across the globe to learn as a global citizen. What we are talking about is the advent of the online high school – a place for any and all students to learn from the best teachers and tutors from across the planet, and with fellow classmates from equally diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

Helping your child learn while at home doesn’t mean the same as it did a few years ago, it doesn’t mean sacrificing a parent’s time to teach an antiquated distance learning module system. No, now it simply means facilitating the connection and letting international professionals do the rest. 

The 10 steps outlined above are extremely important for a child’s learning, but they are one’s obligation as a parent, while opening them up to unlimited online education opportunities is surely so much more than that.  

*Except for cleaning up after themselves, that comes much later. 

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