Our Approach

Our Approach

Valenture Institute's five pillars.

An action-oriented, transformative pedagogical approach is how we seek to evolve education:

High-Touch Learning

One-on-one support.

Students are supported throughout their academic experience by expert Teachers, Tutors and Mentors. Weekly live classes per subject are taught by expert teachers. Students also work in smaller tutorial groups of no more than 15 students, facilitated by a dedicated Tutor.

Mentors provide 1:1 support to help students keep their learning and holistic development on track through bi-weekly calls. Here, students review their progress ahead of a monthly three-way check-in with their Mentor and their parents.

Collaborative & Social

A group-work focus.

Our curriculum emphasises the deeper critical thinking skills that are fostered by multiple perspectives and a global lens. Students engage in diverse classes, smaller tutorial-style groups and in facilitated groups around action-oriented projects in their SDG Labs. Schooling traditions are augmented and enhanced in online assemblies, award ceremonies, and extra-curricular clubs and societies.


Mentors work with students to ensure that they are plugged into an expansive global network of sports clubs, while students are also encouraged to organise localised meetups and attend annual local or international field trips


Individual growth.

Valenture’s rigorous curriculum is centred on a competency-based approach. Teaching and learning strategies, modes of assessment, grading, and academic reporting are based on a student’s demonstration of defined competencies.

These cover the cognitive, behavioural and socio-emotional domains and focus on every student’s holistic development. Personalised enrichmentor remediation is targeted at the individual student level, based on their personal competency framework.

Flexible Disc

Flexible & Disciplined

Customised progression.

Students work through their subjects in semesters, and new topics are released weekly. The approach is semi-synchronised, allowing students the freedom to structure their week in a way that makes sense to them, but encouraging discipline around weekly deadlines, project work and live sessions. Mentors work with students to personalise their timetables within the structured learning parameters, and review progress against their goals weekly to ensure that students do not fall behind. 

Students are able to dictate their pace of study through subject selection which affords great flexibility in the overall time required to progress from Junior High to International A-Levels.

Conscious Engagement

Conscious Engagement

Sustainable mindsets.

Every semester, our students put their skills to (good) use in themed Labs aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Students have the opportunity to work in facilitated groups collaboratively with peers from around the world, ensuring a meaningful and participatory high school experience.

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