With The Coronavirus Seemingly Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon, Online High School May Be The Safest Place For Your Kids.

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Posted on: 13 Mar 2020

Could the online high school be the best, and now safest, a place to educate our children? There are millions of reported cases of coronavirus across the globe.

The COVID-19 outbreak has come quite as a shock for the education system. The traditional on-campus learning process has been paused and has left policymakers and educationalists wondering what could be the best alternative of this learning method. Since coronavirus is here to stay longer than we thought, there are so many concerns regarding the continuation of classes either at school or university level. Here is everything you need to know about what is expected to be the silver lining of this situation:

What Is the Big Shift in the Education System Amidst the Coronavirus Situation?

Since public places like schools and universities can be the hotspot for the spread of coronavirus, so opening them anytime soon is not even an option. Therefore, you will see most of the educational institutes morphing into online high schools to facilitate their students. They are either developing new virtual platforms or relying on the already existing ones such as google meetings, Microsoft teams, zoom meetings, etc. Online classes are the talk of town amid this coronavirus crisis. 

What Are the New Educational Trends Being Adopted Across the Globe for High Schools?

Where can we send them to get an excellent education while avoiding unnecessary contact with this persistent contagion?

The answer is right in front of you: don’t send them anywhere. 

Everything your child needs for an internationally recognized high school qualification is right at their fingertips… online!

Valenture Institute is a global private online high school offering a curriculum recognised by the world's leading universities – where higher-thinking learning is a cornerstone philosophy, and every child can learn at their own pace, and from the safe zone of their own home.  

During this time of potential global threat, we have introduced an intake specifically for students affected by the coronavirus crisis. This intake allows students to join at any time and leave after just 3 months while providing a discounted fee structure. For this ‘special circumstances’ intake, we can help all Grade 8 & 9 pupils, as well as Grade 10 pupils that are currently taking studying the British Curriculum.

We believe that it is more important than ever to factor in our SDG Labs: practical and hands-on use of our students’ learning to better equip them for the future we all face. The Labs combine the 17 UN SDGs into 4 manageable categories for students to come to understand the problems the planet faces, but more importantly, how they can actively play a part in resolving them. Climate and Energy, Jobs and Industry, Health and Food, Gender and Justice – these are the categories our experts have outlined to equip our students and our future generations to possibly save us all. 

While these goals are undoubtedly vital and this approach to achieving them is completely unique, we can’t forget about the fact that we need to educate on all fronts. And that is certainly something Valenture Institute has considered with their offering of globally recognized qualifications including International GCSEs, International A and AS Levels. 

Our faculty includes some of the world’s finest educators with a combined experience of over a century of educating in a vast range of categories and core subjects – with all of that in mind, it’s relatively safe to say that your children are in good hands, on all fronts.

Why Are Online High Schools Been Considered the Best During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Virtual or online high schools are going to be the next big thing during and post coronavirus crisis. Earlier it was a common belief that online education cannot be as effective as the traditional one, however, the coronavirus crisis has wronged us all. Online high schools have proven to be saviors for the students amid this time of uncertainty. What else could be better than keeping yourself safe from the deadly contagion while keeping your study schedule in the flow simultaneously? Online high schools are so far the best solution to counter the coronavirus crisis at the educational front. 

Why Should You Prepare for Online High School in The Long Run?

We all know this for a fact that coronavirus is here to stay longer than we all expected, so online high schools are going to be a sound option to keep the education system going without endangering the lives of students, teachers, or other on-campus staff. Kudos to the technological advancements, the online learning system can be made more effective and is accessible for every student. Since students are gradually learning to cope with it, no wonder it is going to get the hype in the long run. 

How to Manage Online High School Studies at Best?

Online high schools can be a bit challenging for the students, particularly those who are not accustomed to this method of learning. However, various tips and tricks can be used to manage the studies effectively:

Persistency is the key to success. You must not miss out on any of the synchronized sessions or assigned tasks. Persistency can be driven by your self-motivation to succeed in your school to be among the best students. 

Since you are your own supervisor, you must follow the timetable strictly. Do not delay your tasks and have no room for laziness. 

Although you can attend your class by sitting on a sofa or lying down in your bed, that would hinder your level of productivity. Get yourself a study table, put it in a separate room or you can make a corner of your room as your studying place. Having a healthy, peaceful environment is crucial for focusing on your lessons. Moreover, turn off your cell phone or put it away to avoid any distractions. 

To put things into perspective, this pandemic is not going to get over anytime soon and online high schools are the only best and safest place for your kids to continue their studies effectively during these health crises. 

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