What our students get up to in our Making and Baking Virtual Club

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Posted on: 14 Dec 2020

Valenture's virtual clubs are all about forming meaningful connections and learning new skills while having fun with your classmates.

During Level 5 of the pandemic, we all spent our days baking banana bread. Or that's the story many people's social media relayed!

But our students were breaking bread, virtually, even before COVID-19 hit.

Our school offers a Making and Baking Virtual Club run by our Senior Biology teacher, Sanri Grobbelaar. In this club, students learn the essentials of cooking and baking in a logical, fun and engaging way. The course is full of tips, tricks, and relevant information that teaches students to find their own way around the kitchen. 

A few weeks ago we asked Astrid Field of The Sweet Rebellion, a local foodie blog, to challenge our students to a Food Photography Challenge. The challenge was to photograph a dish they made in class, in as beautiful a manner as possible with all the expert foodie photography tips given to them by Astrid via this video.

She received the most wonderful and creative entries! However, sadly there could be only one winner, and that was Jessie van der Walt's stunning Apple Pie picture:

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