What high school students say they want to be when they grow up

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Posted on: 05 Jan 2021

How Gen Z's should be choosing their future careers.

"I want to be an Anime Producer."

New generation, new rules, right? Not necessarily.

Sure, a lot of 'new careers' are developing, and fast. Due to COVID-19 and the digitalisation of education and other industries, we are definitely seeing a big acceleration.

But a lot of the same rules still count when choosing a career. Usually, we can distinguish between two types of students: those who know exactly what career they want to go into after school, and those who simply have no idea whatsoever. 

COVID brought about an entirely new learning and working culture and students have become more independent as they’ve had to adapt to remote learning. This has in a lot of ways given then the tools to be more independent workers. says, that, yes, life is indeed full of ups and downs, adventures and misadventures. We have to, therefore, always be prepared to tackle the next challenge. But as students grapple with the idea of ‘choosing their futures’ in a world that is constantly changing, we as parents and teachers must remind them continuously that taking the time to figure it out, is okay. 

Don't be too rushed, even in a world that's always in a rush.

Pushing a student into making a decision prematurely is never the answer. Visiting an Occupational Therapist can be great for guiding students in a direction they’re sure to excel in, to play to their strengths and, to ensure they study the course that most aligns with their interests and capabilities. This might lessen the chance that they'll 'waste time' by studying a tertiary qualification they won't use in the long term.

Our mission is to give more than just a quality education to our students. Our teachers, mentors, and Educational Psychologist want students to already follow their passions during school hours so that they have more clarity on what they actually like and find of interest once they have to choose what to study. For example, many of our students joined us because of the flexibility our school allows them to pursue their sports careers. One of our students is a top local golfer and another, a soccer star. 

A lot of our students are also keen to enter jobs that ‘make a difference’ or has an impact in the world, while others want to choose professions that allow them the freedom to work from anywhere. Especially now that this approach to learning and work have become so mainstream. 

Here are just a few future careers choices our Grade 8 - 10 students shared with us: 

Game Developer

Anime Producer

Creative Producer


Marine biologist



Professional Soccer Player

RAF (Royal Airforce)

Entrepreneur (don’t want to study)





Business owner


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