What a flipped classroom is - and why we choose to teach in it

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Posted on: 10 Jul 2020

No, this luckily doesn't mean that our students go to school in the 'upside-down'.

'Traditional' online learning has been predominantly a one-dimensional learning space as social-emotional learning has largely been left out of the equation. The holistic development of anyone, be that a student or adult, is multifaceted and by approaching any form of learning in a manner that's flat is, ultimately, flawed. 

We recognise that everyone learns differently and that students need to be considered individually. It’s not just about what learners learn, rather it’s more about how they learn and apply that information. 

Valenture teachers employ a ‘flipped classroom’ model where students are provided with learning materials that they’re expected to engage with before they attend a live class or breakout session. "This approach allows students more time to deep-dive into content discussions and social interaction in class," says Sarah Elphick, a Senior English teacher at Valenture Institute. 

(Watch the above video for more as Sarah will take you through this approach.)

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