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We Are Not A Homeschool Desk
Posted on: 08 Jun 2020

Valenture is not like any other homeschool. We recently ran a survey, questioning over 2000 UK parents about their child's current experience.

We recently ran a survey, questioning over 2000 UK parents about their child's current experience with online learning models, forcibly adopted by their schools during lockdown.

Almost half of the parents were positive about online lessons and felt that their kids were thriving in this space and that it was an overall less stressful environment. However, parents who are online sceptics said that the biggest downsides are children missing their friends (77%) and face-to-face interaction (68%).

This has always been the perception of online or homeschooling - that its a space that isolates the child. And, it's often true as academic work and socialising with peers remain separate withing this model.

However, Valenture is not like any other homeschool. Our virtual classroom transcends distance learning pitfalls and offers students an interactive, engaging, high-touch and supportive learning environment.

Rick Greener, our principal says that:

“COVID-19 will undoubtedly change the way we think about remote and online learning forever. What we are seeing now is that the children who are learning best and are most enthused about the situation are those having timetabled lessons that have been designed and created specifically to exist online, with regular input and feedback from their teachers. 

“Remote learning, based on a model where students are given a set of learning materials at the start of the week that they are expected to digest before taking a test or submitting a piece of written work puts a lot more pressure on the child – and parents too – to stay on track and find all the right answers.”

Socialisation and collaboration are at the very heart of what we do. Students not only know each other, but they have also become friends and know so much about each others' lives. All while some of them have never met in real life, says our mentors. 

Virtual doesn't mean isolated in the Valenture space, and one of our student's parents, Caryn, wholeheartedly agrees:

"We have been so impressed with the curriculum, the teachers and the virtual classroom. They have put together a diverse, challenging and relevant curriculum that is presented using cutting edge technology and a well crafted system. We couldn’t be happier.”

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