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Posted on: 12 Jan 2021

Learn more about the wonderful teachers who work at Valenture Institute.

We pride ourselves on our teachers and their passion for teaching students to become critical thinkers in a world that so desperately needs changemakers.

We asked a few of our teachers a couple of questions:

Liebe Brand - Junior High Business Teacher

Where have you taught before?

  1. Ellisras High School
  2. Gardens Commercial High School
  3. Xi'an Gaoxin No.1 High School
  4. Nanjing Foreign Language School
  5. LikeShuo
  6. Good Hope Seminary Junior School
  7. Herzlia High School

Why Valenture?

"At Valenture, if you only want to teach, you can do that. If you have other passions, you are encouraged to pursue them too. It is amazing!"

Steven Bolland - Junior High Science and International GCSE Chemistry Teacher

Where have you taught before?

  1. Bishops Diocesan College
  2. Groote Schuur High School
  3. Rayleigh High School (United Kingdom)
  4. Singapore International School (Vietnam)

Why Valenture?

"I love working at Valenture because it challenges the norms to both education and the workplace environment."

Pauline Clothier - Facilitator for Valenture's Beacon Hill cohort in Mitchells Plain

Years of experience teaching?

"17 years. This is high school, including Matric English and History as well as teaching 7 years of TVET English FAL."

Why Valenture?

"I love that we have a diverse team - across age, gender, race, religious backgrounds, etc., yet we operate as a family. The dynamic state keeps me on my toes as I have to constantly research new techniques and remain current for the work I do."

Read more about our teachers here.

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