Meet our Dunkeld Boutique Campus Manager

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Posted on: 09 Dec 2020

"I want to add value by helping create the space where our students can flourish, forge meaningful relationships, and develop holistically."

Meet Bhongolwethu Sonti, Valenture’s Campus Manager and Learning Coach at our Dunkeld Boutique Campus.

Bhongo is a former Valenture Sustainability Expert and has studied at universities like UNISA, Johns Hopkins University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

We asked him a few questions to get to know him better:

Why did you decide to join Valenture as a Campus Manager? 

“I am excited to be part of the Boutique Campuses because they are one of the ways Valenture is revolutionizing education. The campuses can potentially be the answer to some of the barriers to entry for students and parents to online learning. It can be a space where students can gain access to world-class online learning tools while still developing deep connections with their peers and fulfilling their potential through the extra-curricular activities offered on campus. I know Valenture’s core offering is world-class and I want to add value by helping create the space where our students can flourish, forge meaningful relationships, and develop holistically.”

Tell us a bit more about your background in education? 

“Working on the SDG Labs at Valenture in the past was a great learning experience. To adapt such big scary, and complex goals to an internationally-recognised academic curriculum is not an easy task, especially when the aim is to inspire youth to action. The problems we face are quite complex both on a personal level and in the development space, but I was inspired by some of the ideas, thoughts, and projects learners had in mind around meeting the targets of the SDGs. The labs also showed the importance of creating these spaces where students can analyze real-world problems and apply human-centered solutions thinking. The campus environment is ideal for such collaboration." 

What excites you about education in 2021? 

“The COVID pandemic has accelerated the transition to edtech being integrated into mainstream education planning. I am excited because this year was the springboard year for many novice innovations and there are technologies coming out next year that will solve problems around accessibility as data becomes cheaper or more subsidized for low-income communities. Plus the use of blockchain technology to solve issues of qualification authentication, and scale thus making it more affordable, hopefully, to access in-demand courses and skills through MOOCs and more points to access student growth path data helping teachers to be able to respond faster to student educational needs.”

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