Meet 3 of our Junior High teachers

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Posted on: 08 Dec 2020

We are so often asked about our teachers. And what a wonderful bunch of humans!

Meet three of our incredible teachers who have a combined 38 years of teaching experience between them. 

We asked them why they decided to join Valenture, and here’s what they had to say:  

Astrid Fankhauser - Junior High Maths Teacher (4 years of experience)

“I joined Valenture Institute so that I could be a part of this incredible new online adventure. Valenture’s mission stood out to me, which basically says the company aims to evolve education as well as all their company values which I aspire to hold. 

"What an amazing opportunity to empower students to become global citizens who think critically and who are able to take responsibility for their collective and individual futures.

I want to make a lifelong difference in the lives of students and Valenture has given me the platform to do so. Not only will I influence others, but I know I will grow, learn and evolve as a teacher.” 

Angelica Moller - Junior High English Teacher (5 years of experience)

“I live on a game reserve and move a lot between the Western Cape and KZN to see family, that is why remote working is the best fit for my lifestyle. It allows me to keep doing what I love while maintaining a lifestyle in which I move around a lot.”

Jane Avis - Junior High Science Teacher (29 years of experience)

“I love the values and vision, especially working as a team to ensure holistic development of students in a carefully constructed progressive online educational environment."

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