Developing friendships in an online schooling environment

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Posted on: 22 Oct 2020

"Mom, look at how my friends are dispersed around the world."

Parents and students are often hesitant to switch to online schooling as the virtual classroom is seen by many as a space of isolation. However, Valenture encourages class engagements and social interaction at all times.

Students don't just sit there and listen, that's for sure!

They collaborate, and debate in breakout sessions and form connections with global classmates dotted around the world. We want to see our students show their true personalities and express their opinions. We celebrate everyone's input and differences!

Many of our students also take their friendships offline, messaging each other outside of class; one homeroom even started their own Instagram account to show off the massive amount of fun they have in class on a daily basis. Many learners also have plans to meet-up more regularly once lockdown restrictions have completely relaxed.

Watch the above video for more from one of our Valenture moms.

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