Sustainable Development Goal Labs

Our students tackle major development challenges for humanity by using the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as set out by the United Nations.

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A Highly-Practical Curriculum

With education expressly articulated as one of these goals, a pillar of Valenture Institute’s pedagogy is an action-oriented, transformative approach through an integrated baseline curriculum. Students are equipped with the skills and courage to drive social change for a sustainable future.

A Message From Our Sustainability Learning Designer

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How do our SDG Labs work?

Using the SDGs as a guiding framework, our SDG Labs offer an immersive learning experience, giving students the tools to understand and the courage to drive social change for a sustainable future.

Each lab is aligned to specific SDGs, and students work with a diverse cohort of other students to solve meaningful challenge-driven projects for submission to the annual SDG Action Awards.

The SDG Labs Selection:


    Climate & Energy SDG Lab

    Considers the threat of climate change and its links with the global energy system.

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    Gender & Justice SDG Lab

    Looks at the interdependence of addressing gender inequality and realising just societies.


    Health & Food SDG Lab

    Addresses global health issues and concerns around the global food system.


    Jobs & Industry SDG Lab

    Reimagines a future of work based on dignified jobs and inclusive growth.

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