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Our Values

Valenture Institute’s mission is to evolve education.

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Valenture Institute’s mission is to evolve education – to think outside the classroom and integrate each student’s learning with the causes and challenges they care about. Our global student body experiences a highly engaging, inclusive and socially rich learning experience which is steeped in academic excellence and rooted in sustainable practices. We believe in providing more than just a quality online education – we’re dedicated to empowering a global student body of responsible citizens and equipping them to make the best of their collective and individual futures.

Our school motto is “Sapientem Acriter Consectar”, which translates as “to pursue wisdom keenly/valiantly/zealously”. This describes our ethos as a school, as we seek to go beyond the pursuit of knowledge, and develop the insight and discernment to act wisely in the world. It’s a path that requires courage and determination, and a willingness to voluntarily embark on a valiant adventure. This is at the heart of our school’s name and in everything we aspire to be.

Our School’s Values

No one else can force us to take responsibility for anything – we choose to take it.

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Voluntary adoption of responsibility

No one else can force us to take responsibility for anything – we choose to take it. In choosing to take responsibility, we find meaning, and through meaning we find purpose, and through purpose we make our unique contribution to the world. We believe that self-discipline is the cornerstone of success, and we diligently work towards our goals.


The pursuit of truth is a lifelong journey – both in our studies and our personal lives. In our engagement with others, we represent who we are and what we think truthfully, and we do so in a way that seeks to protect the dignity of those around us.


Humility is the beginning of wisdom, and we can’t learn anything if we already think we have all the answers. In all our engagements, we are curious, open, and value the contributions of those around us.


Every action we take has an impact. We choose our actions carefully and seek to have a positive impact by working to understand the challenges at hand, and collaborating with others to solve them.


All of life’s systems are connected. Alone, we can achieve, but by working symbiotically with the people around us and the planet we live on, we can truly succeed.


We acknowledge and celebrate differences, and respectfully engage in the challenges our differences present. We encourage individuality while seeking common purpose and meaning.

Our Belief
The world isn’t flat. And it’s not round. Not Anymore.

This world is infinitely complex. It ends when we stop exploring it. An intricate array of connections between explorers exchanging ideas, ideals and experiences in real-time.

And where do these expeditions of discovery lead? Wisdom with purpose is the new frontier and now education can be the vessel.

Because what you think you know is not enough. Not for what you’ll need to do tomorrow.

And while a guide will take you as far as you think you can go, a mentor reveals a path far beyond what you thought was possible.

Conventions will fall away, become outdated, be made obsolete. But thinking will adapt.

Think outside of what you know. Think outside the classroom.

About Our Belief 1 About Our Belief
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